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Your Time is Valuable

April 7, 2021 10:00 am

By Donya Parrish

Let’s face it, very few of us have a bunch of extra time on our hands. Our world is evolving into more and more convenience services — like online grocery ordering and delivery — and is less about doing things the old way “just because.” Also, when we do have extra time, Montana has a lot to offer for recreation and sport to fill it!

Bob Harris, association and governance expert, recently hit on an important point for today’s busy board volunteer. In his Board Governance Efficiencies article, he includes 20 ideas your board can practice to improve efficiency.

Yes, each topic could be a blog by itself. The good news is that you can also refer to Bob’s website full of valuable resources, including free governance tips and templates.

My personal favorites from his article were these two:

  • Consent Agenda – If most of the meeting is used to read and listen to reports, like “show and tell,” you can change that by using a consent agenda. Distribute the reports that have no calls-for-action in advance of the meeting. Upon convening, a director will make a motion to “accept the reports as presented.” It is a fiduciary duty for directors to come prepared.
  • Role Distinctions – Role confusion leads to chaos. The board governs and the staff manages. Stay in your lane. Committees supplement the work of the board, receiving authority from the bylaws and assignments from the chief elected officer.

Where can YOU find efficiency in your board work and meetings? If you have an idea Bob didn’t include in his article, let me know. Chances are, your peers might benefit from hearing about it too.

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