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Montana’s Credit Unions (MCU) is here to support our credit unions, and through our partnership with The Summit Group, a marketing and public relations firm, we’re able provide public relations support to all of our affiliated credit unions. By paying your yearly dues, MCU provides your credit union the resources and tools to elevate your public relations efforts. These efforts directly affect the awareness of your credit union within the community as well as the credit union industry as a whole. The Summit Group (TSG) is an accessible team who’s here to guide you in the right path on your public relations journey.

In 2019, this partnership garnered 182 earned placements with local and national media, which is equivalent to a $131,034 PR value. Was the work your credit union did included in these numbers? Each and every credit union practices the #CUDifference, imagine the things this partnership could help your credit union and credit unions across the state accomplish. You pay for these services by paying your yearly dues. Don’t let your money go to waste!


    Public Relations & Content Manager


    direct: 801-983-8484



    Public Relations & Content Manager

    Makayla “Kayla” joined the TSG team in 2018 after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. She previously worked as a social media specialist for her alma mater, Utah State University. She was hands-on in strategy development, content creation, and website design. These combined efforts led to increased awareness for the organization, higher engagement within the community and student population, and direct leads. She is passionate about her clients and finding the best fitting solution for anything that comes their way.

    She brings to the table broad experience in public relations, social media and digital marketing. Her curiosity, passion and thirst for knowledge allows her to approach each client with innovative and unique angles for success

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