Risk Management

Keeping up on compliance continues to challenge credit unions of all sizes. Being affiliated with Montana’s Credit Unions includes the compliance hotline (phone or email), relevant resources, and training assistance for staff, executive staff, and board members.

Available compliance resources include a timely update in the weekly President’s Report, our monthly Compliance Vault newsletter, Training Tools (pre-recorded webinars), and access to InfoSight and CU PolicyPro. The Compliance Community and e-Guide are also available through our partnership with the Credit Union National Association (CUNA). Custom training and compliance consulting can be scheduled at your credit union (or remotely) upon request.

The online Montana Compliance Community is available to all CUNA/MCU affiliates and includes discussion boards, regular blogs, shared files, and more. Use this Tip Sheet to get your access and start collaborating.

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The information contained within this site is intended as a general information reference for credit unions affiliated with Montana’s Credit Unions and not as legal advice. Should you require legal assistance, please consult your attorney.