Advocacy and action go hand in-hand in the credit union movement. We are actively working to build and strengthen relationships among state and federal policy makers, regulators, consumer groups, and credit unions. Montana’s Credit Unions strives to coordinate a variety of events and practices that help amplify the voice of credit union philosophy and principles and increase the visibility of credit unions.

All of our actions are geared toward:

  • Ensuring that credit unions are reflected positively and promoted actively through government and public relations, communications, and other avenues.
  • Maintaining and developing strong relationships with lawmakers, partner organizations, the media, credit union directors, members, and others.
  • Coordinating a grassroots advocacy plan for Montana credit unions.
  • Stimulating awareness among Montana credit unions about the importance of credit union political action to help make sure that policy makers—whether legislators, administrators, or regulators—understand and share credit union philosophy and principles.

We work to inform and influence decision makers at both the state and federal levels. We represent credit union interests both at the Montana Legislature and with our state’s congressional delegation. This work includes analyzing legislation, lobbying contacts, testifying before committees, and coordinating grassroots lobbying efforts. We also analyze proposed regulations and monitor the regulatory examination process while reaching out to regulators to promote the best interests of Montana’s credit unions.