ISWM Biometric Screenings

If you want to make more informed, strategic health plan decisions, you need to know your health data. We partner with It Starts With Me (ISWM) to give our plan participants the chance to get an annual biometric screening. ISWM sends a friendly, professional crew around the state each year so you can get a screening in (or fairly close to) your town.

Below are the biometric screening opportunities coming up in the next couple of months. Click on the location for the location, time, and info you need to schedule an appointment. You get your results in the mail about a week after your screening so you can review them with your doctor.

Upcoming 2022 Biometric Screenings

We’re getting to the end of the 2022 schedule, but if you’re wondering whether you’ll have another opportunity nearby, check out the Tentative Annual Schedule.

What’s Next?

You’ll get your results in the mail about a week after your screening. You should review them with your doctor at your next appointment. If you want to better understand your results before then, the Trust’s partnership with Take Control includes a review of your ISWM biometric screening with a professional who can discuss your results with you and provide guidance when needed. Sign up here.

You can find out more about Take Control (as well as other great benefits) on our Trust Business Partners and Trust Tips pages.

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Direct: 406-324-7455

Transparency in Coverage

Recent federal legislation requires groups like ours to provide access to machine-readable files that include detailed pricing information (negotiated rates, historical payments, and prescription cost details) for facilities and providers. This data is intended to provide opportunities for detailed research studies, and data analysis along with offering third-party developers and innovators the ability to create solutions to help drive additional price comparison and consumerism in the health care market.

Our claims administrator, EBMS, alongside our PPO network, First Choice Health Network, are working to provide this information. The link below will soon share these details as available.

In & Out of Network Rates

This information will be updated on a monthly basis.

It Starts with Me

It Starts With Me

Take Control