Volunteer Certification Programs

Montana’s Credit Unions has forged a strong collaboration with Ancin Cooley of Synergy Credit Union Consulting. You’ve heard him present at numerous conferences and workshops (both in-person and virtually), and we’ve heard your overwhelming requests for more of his direct and relatable credit union knowledge.

We’re excited to announce that together we have created high-quality on-demand training for Credit Union Board and Supervisory Committee members. These two programs offer robust and engaging online training that not only instructs but also gives board and supervisory committee members access to the video content and resources for a full year. It’s user-friendly, concise, and imparts the wisdom and insights you want to hear from this industry expert.

To learn more about these programs, please contact Ranel Smith at 406-324-7456 or ranel@mcun.coop OR email Ancin directly at acooley@syncuc.com.