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Project Zip Code

Project Zip Code (PZC) is a user-friendly, secure computer program that counts your members and matches them by congressional district, state legislative district, and county. These counts are then uploaded to CUNA’s Project Zip Code website and combined with data from other credit unions nationwide. Many credit union members reside in states other than the state in which their credit union is domiciled. This is why it’s important that all credit unions participate; without full participation, we can’t get a clear picture of our grassroots strength! Project Zip Code aids in federal and state advocacy efforts and participation provides operational benefits. Credit unions can view credit union members by geographic area, which can be useful for placing ATMs and branches.

Your information is confidential and secure with Project Zip Code. No personally identifiable data or individual information leaves your computer. Project Zip Code receives only the counts of records successfully matched by the program.

Regulators Meeting

Every other year, MCUN hosts state and federal regulators in a roundtable discussion. The meeting is a great way to foster our positive relationship with the agencies and to bring issues to the table that will help improve the exam process for Montana’s credit unions. We typically do a pre-meeting survey with Montana CEOs to identify concerns, hot topics, and suggestions they have for their regulators. This allows MCUN management to bring forward the issues anonymously, but also to help advocate for open dialogue. We find great value in being able to proactively address trends. The 2016 meeting was June 23.

The next meeting will be scheduled for Spring or Summer 2018.

Campaign Training Schools

In even-numbered years, we team up with the Montana Electric Cooperatives’ Association, the Montana Chamber of Commerce, and the Montana Association of Realtors to offer one-day, non-partisan campaign training schools across Montana. These campaign schools address working with volunteers, fundraising, message development, communication and social media, campaign and finance laws, writing a campaign plan, getting out the vote, election day activities and other relevant campaign topics.

In 2016, we held sessions in three locations, Billings, Helena, and Missoula, March 1-3.

Trips to DC

GAC—CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference is the only credit union governmental affairs conference of its kind. This annual event offers the opportunity to network with peers, hear from key legislative and political leaders, and experience a variety of breakout sessions on credit union hot issues. GAC also offers the largest exhibit hall for credit unions, with a wide variety of products and services for your operational needs. The 2017 GAC is scheduled February 26–March 2.

Hike the Hill is a grassroots program designed to provide credit union advocates the opportunity to visit Washington D.C. to educate decision makers on credit union issues. When credit unions participate in Hike the Hill, they demonstrate that credit union support has a real face, real concerns, and real stories of how credit unions affect the lives of working Americans. The 2016 Hike was September 26–28 and included meetings with CUNA, NCUA, and our congressional offices.

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