Credit Union Advocacy

One of the main objectives of Montana’s Credit Unions is to tell the not-for-profit financial cooperative story … to advocate for Montana’s credit unions. In order to effectively communicate our unique narrative, we implemented the idea of the three-legged Advocacy Stool, where advocacy is equally supported and articulated in a holistic approach in the political, philosophical, and philanthropic arenas.

Currently, Montana’s Credit Unions are engaged in all three areas. We know that some credit unions’ official family will have more of a heart for political, some philosophical, and others philanthropic, but the hope is that everyone will Unite For Good under this umbrella and offer support for each category.

Imbedded in the Advocacy Plan are educational opportunities for credit union professionals to attend CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference (which supports the political leg of the stool), the National Credit Union Foundation’s Development Educator Program (supporting the philosophical leg of the stool), and Children’s Miracle Network Hospital’s Celebration (which supports the philanthropic leg of the stool).

The entire purpose is to create stories and then tell the stories to increase public awareness of the amazing work that Montana credit unions are doing.

As we continue engaging in the three areas represented by the legs of our advocacy stool, we work hard to support programs and ideas that will strengthen Montana consumers and the communities they live in. Working together, combining our resources and reaching out to other partners, we can promote the true credit union difference of “not for profit, not for charity, but for service” and make Montana a better place to live.

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