Trust Business Partners

We partner with some great businesses to provide health and wellness services to you. Check out the list of questions below to access the services and resources you need. If you have any questions about your health coverage and the benefits the Trust provides, contact Mara Rayner.

For More Information
Mara Rayner Director of Human Resource Benefits

800-745-5546, ext 139

Direct: 406-324-7455

Transparency in Covereage

Recent federal legislation requires groups like ours to provide access to machine readable files that include detailed pricing information for facilities and providers, that detail negotiated rates, historical payments and prescription cost details. This data is intended to provide opportunities for detailed research studies, data analysis, and offer third party developers and innovators the ability to create solutions to help drive additional price comparison and consumerism in the health care market.

Our claims administrator, EBMS alongside our PPO network, First Choice Health Network, are working to provide this information. The link below will soon share these details as available.

In & Out of Network Rates

This information will be updated on a monthly basis.