Take The Lead

Take the Lead

MCU’s leadership program is an interactive, contemporary leadership training program designed to test, challenge, update, and enhance the leadership skills of experienced and up-and-coming new leaders so they can inspire, motivate, guide, and shape the future. It’s also how you join MCU’s Take the Lead Community. Stay connected with other motivated professionals working to become better leaders at their credit unions. Led by the six-person Take the Lead Committee, the group is working to build a network of supportive leaders to continue leadership development.

What’s Take the Lead About?

Much of our two-year program includes storytelling from employees and managers sharing their own experiences. As a result, participants will acquire the ability to

  • bridge the gap between senior management and the front line,
  • lead across organizational boundaries,
  • learn the art of collaboration,
  • manage stress, and
  • build a network of supportive leaders to continue development.

Watch this 30-minute video to learn more about Take the Lead.

Here’s what one attendee had to say after attending Take the Lead.

“Let me just say, Take the Lead 2023 was an all-around amazing experience! Before the course, I felt as if I was struggling with communicating effectively and letting others know that they were understood. Come to find out, personality traits have so much to do with how you perceive information! Thanks to what I have learned from Take the Lead, I now not only get a better sense of other’s actions, but also my own. It was a very humbling experience for the workplace, and just life all around. Bill’s teaching methods, matched with the group activities, really left a long-lasting impression on how conscientious I am on a daily basis. I can’t wait for what’s in-store for year two!

See more testimonials from attendees and photos of each class, and watch this 2-minute video testimonial.

How Do You Get Involved?

If you or someone in your credit union is interested in joining Take the Lead, starting with the 2-year in-person training workshops, contact one of the members of our Take the Lead Committee for more information. Or check out the complete list of Take the Lead Community Members and reach out to anyone on the list to learn more.

Upcoming Events

Take the Lead year 2 and year 1 participants will meet in Great Falls in 2025!

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