CU PolicyPro

CU PolicyPro® is an online system with more than 230 detailed model policies to help your credit unions manage today’s ongoing compliance and operational challenges. Credit unions have a comprehensive suite of policies written especially for credit unions by legal and financial experts.

CU PolicyPro has recently undergone a major update!

The all-new CU PolicyPro will continue to provide the great model policy content you’ve come to expect, but now offers a fully redesigned policy management system!

The new system includes a beautiful, modern, and easy-to-navigate design to help all users easily find, view and print both model policies and the credit union’s own customized policies. System admins and policy editors will now have a whole new toolbox to create, maintain and distribute policies, assign and track policy updates and reviews, upload and share additional documents, view and confirm relevant model policy updates, and manage user access to the policy level.

Credit unions now have a unique URL to access CU PolicyPro. If you are unsure of yours, click here to look up your credit union.

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