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Understanding Credit Union Financials

June 2, 2021 7:30 am

By Donya Parrish, MCU VP Risk Management

One of the positives to come out of the pandemic is the number and variety of virtual learning opportunities on relevant topics. Webinars can be convenient with a busy schedule and economical if your training budget is limited. CUNA partnered with the talented Tim Harrington of TEAM Resources to put together an e-school that might be worth consideration — Credit Union Finance for Boards!

Almost every decision you make at your credit union has an impact on the bottom line, making financial knowledge profoundly important for credit union decision makers. Attendees will leave able to read and analyze balance sheets, understand the role of risk in financial decision making, utilize asset-liability management (ALM) in financial analysis, and calculate and evaluate key ratios. Attendees can also earn the CUNA Credit Union Board Financial Literacy Certificate and satisfy the NCUA requirement for financial literacy.

The Agenda

Sessions will be held on the following topics (and you can learn more about each on CUNA’s website):

  • Starting with the Basics
  • Loan Losses and their Effect on a Credit Union
  • A Capital Idea. Understanding the Value of Capital
  • Not for Profit…But We Better Make a Profit!
  • Financial Statement Analysis: Practicing Our Skills
  • Asset/Liability Management: The Rocket Science of the Credit Union Business

The pre-recorded sessions are available individually or as a bundle and are accessible until June 2024. Consider this investment today. And, don’t forget that if your credit union is less than $35M in assets, you can apply for our education scholarship to assist with the cost.

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