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Some Light Reading

July 15, 2020 7:30 am

By Donya Parrish, MCU VP- Risk Management

How is your summer reading going? Mine has been almost non-existent, despite good intentions and a large stack of what appear to be great titles. But, I keep adding to them and planning to dig in “someday.”

This week, I have a few resources to recommend to you in your role as a credit union board member. There is no assignment to have them read this summer, or at all. But, if you like to keep up on trends in the industry, these are a good place to do a deeper dive.

  • As noted in a September 2019 blog, Tim Harrington and his crew at TEAM Resources have a fantastic resource in the Little Book of Credit Union Board Best Practices. It is available (for free) on this page and gives quick nuggets on so many relevant topics that I am sure you will find one or two that speak to you.
  • My “go-to” for researching most inquiries or situations regarding board meetings, elections, and questions continues to be CUNA’s Board of Directors Handbook. I know many of you have a copy, and maybe you refer to sections on occasion, or perhaps you haven’t taken off the cellophane yet. Either way, it continues to be a valuable resource and can be ordered here if you need one.

Now, please don’t give up your time at the cabin or favorite fishing hole for these. They might be better for a rainy day or a few hours of professional development. After all, we have to enjoy these few months of summer around Montana!

And, if you have a favorite resource of your own, let me know. I am always interested in learning; plus, if it’s a book, I can always add it to my stack!

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