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Your Edge in Driving Members to You

April 5, 2017 8:30 am

Remember last week when we were discussing trying to ensure your members come to you for their needs? I was reminded of a resource that is available to your credit union to do just that!

The Montana CU Edge program through Larky is a great way to drive new members to the credit union. By employing the geo-fencing technology that is built into the Edge program, the credit union can create custom offers for both existing members and potential members that reach them when they need it most – when they are shopping for insurance, looking at buying a new car, or any other time the creative minds at your credit union can envision. In addition, the Edge program offers individuals , who’ve downloaded the app on their phone, discounts and incentives they can redeem at local businesses.

The program is initially offered to a credit union’s existing members, but is free and available to anyone through their smart phone. As the word spreads and non-members use the app for the local discounts, they will receive geo-based notifications at locations the credit union chooses. For example, if the credit union is interested in building their vehicle loan portfolio, they can put the geo-fence around a busy dealership. When a member (or non-member) with the Edge app drives around the lot, they will receive a customize notification from the credit union that could take them directly to the loan application. It’s a great way to engage with existing members as well as drive new membership to the credit union.

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