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Meet Montana’s Supervisory Examiner

February 20, 2019 7:30 am


This week, we get to know Sherri Hudson, NCUA’s Supervisory Examiner for Montana for the last several years. With the NCUA region change at the start of 2019, we were fortunate to get to keep Sherri on “our team” in this state. She was also a great sport about this interview!

How do you describe your job to those who don’t know what a supervisory examiner is? A supervisory examiner supervises a group of examiners who each work with a district of credit unions. It includes guiding examiners and managing the group’s workload as well as troubleshooting problems as they arise. It is never dull.

What was your most memorable experience in your role? Meeting with the board of a small credit union and brainstorming about how to deal with some challenging issues they were facing. I am always “blown away” by how much officials care about their credit unions.

What do you think credit unions do really well? Not only do they serve their communities, but credit unions also help each other out. It impresses me to see credit unions giving help to those in trouble for the sake of the credit union movement. Amazing.

What word or phrase would people use to describe you? Caring.

If you could look in a crystal ball, where do you see credit unions in 5 years? Credit unions will be serving their members albeit with more advanced technology and specialized products.

Do you have a Netflix binge show? I like Grace and Frankie but I will watch anything about buying or renovating real estate. I am also an HGTV junkie!

What was your first job and how did it prepare you for this role? In high school, my brother and I worked at a Stuckeys. He pumped gas and I worked the lunch counter. It definitely taught me how to multi-task as well as deal with a wide range of people in a fast-paced environment.

Thanks Sherri! We look forward to seeing you when you are in Montana again (she lives in Colorado), hopefully at our Power Up conference in May!

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