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Are You Leaving Board Succession to Chance?

September 6, 2017 7:30 am

Have you ever had those conversations with your board members about, maybe, planning for the future of the board? This might include conversations about implementing term or age limits. And then a few of the board members say, “Don’t worry about it, it’ll all work out!” Or, “We’ve never had any problems with board turnover in the past.”

Our strategic partner, Yvonne Evers had heard that from board members that she has worked with. And guess what? They found out that they were going to have issues, and in the near future! Issues like – a lot of turnover of board members in a short amount of time, and having multiple years where more than one board member was planning to leave.

The problem is, the “It’s all just going to work out” attitude is not enough these days. You need to plan for the future of the board. It is the right business decision.

Join Yvonne for a FREE live webinar on Wednesday, October 4th  at noon mountain time, where she will explain:

1)   What can happen when you don’t have a Board Succession Plan.

2)   Where your board may be unbalanced in terms of the director contribution curve.

3)   How to easily create a Board Succession Plan that enables you to…

·       Have a board that embodies all of your critical competencies.

·       Always have qualified candidates available for service on the board.

·       Have a seamless transition when director openings occur.

You won’t want to miss this information-packed webinar. PLUS, she will be making an announcement about how your organization can put a Board Succession Plan in place without a lot of overwhelm and expense.

Register now and start your board succession on the right path.


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