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Do the Work to Innovate

August 19, 2020 7:30 am

By Donya Parrish, MCU VP-Risk Management

If there is one thing I think credit unions have done really well over the last several months, it’s innovate! It may have simply felt like survival mode (and it was), but you have accomplished so much as you figured out how to serve members, keep employees safe, and help your management team remain motivated. Even holding your monthly meeting has required flexibility and a new set of skills.

It shouldn’t take a global pandemic to get your board out of your comfort zone, though. In this article — Do the Work to Innovate —Stacie Van DenBerghe explains how vulnerable change can make us feel and why credit unions need to look to be more proactive in forcing innovation. She states that while “credit unions are cooperatives, they are also businesses that need to make money and maintain longevity” and encourages board members to “notice the innovations you experience as a consumer outside of the financial industry and ask how you can adapt them to your organization.”

It might be a small step or two that improves member relations and attracts others to your credit union. Since we’re already in a time of change, though, why not explore what more you can do to improve the member experience at your credit union?

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