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Announcing Our Volunteer of the Year Winner

May 29, 2024 8:45 am
Mitch Reed Volunteer of the Year: Paul Dockter, Montana Credit Union

Paul (middle) is pictured the night of the awards ceremony with MCU Board Chair, Jeremy Presta and MCU President/CEO, Gerry Singleton.

Montana Credit Union is proud to announce Paul Dockter as the recipient of the 2024 Mitch Reed Volunteer of the Year award from Montana’s Credit Unions. Paul is the current board chair at Montana Credit Union in Great Falls.

Paul has been an integral part of the credit union’s board for nearly three decades, serving in various leadership roles and making significant contributions to its success. Paul’s unwavering dedication and expertise have been instrumental during pivotal moments, including a merger, field of membership expansion, and CEO transitions, ensuring the credit union’s resilience and success in navigating these challenges.

His advocacy for credit unions extends beyond the local community, demonstrated through active participation in state league meetings and America’s Credit Union’s GAC, where he has effectively engaged with congressional delegates to advocate for credit unions on a national level. Recognized for his exceptional leadership and collaborative spirit, Paul has struck a balance between sharing innovative ideas and entrusting the credit union’s leadership to execute strategic plans. His commitment and valuable contributions have greatly benefited Montana Credit Union and the industry as a whole.

“We are honored to recognize Paul Dockter as our 2024 Volunteer of the Year. His remarkable dedication, leadership, and advocacy have made a significant impact on our credit union and the community,” said John Hageman, President/CEO of Montana Credit Union. Congratulations, Paul! This is a well-deserved recognition.

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