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Training Tools for You

April 18, 2018 7:30 am

We recently made a change to ensure that the Director Training Tools page of our website is a one-stop-shop for the training needs of your role as a credit union volunteer. All our on-demand webinars, along with sessions provided by NCUA and CUNA can be found there. The format allows you and your fellow board members to do a session during a board meeting, listen on your own time in the convenience of your home, or log on to complete a certification.

Your role is unique, and it was cumbersome to send you to the various compliance and education sections of our website to find training opportunities intended for you. You’ll find sessions on topics you need to review annually like the Bank Secrecy Act and training that might be more relevant to a new board member such as financial literacy. Maybe a recently elected chairman is looking to hone their relationship with the CEO — that is covered in the NCUA Effective Board Meeting series.

Our goal is to keep the page current and relevant. As we find new topics to add or hire speakers when a topic is requested, it will be updated. In the meantime, there are several to choose from and you can start where you want.

It is your resource and should be helpful, so please give us feedback if you have a favorite training resource we are missing. It only improves with your input.

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