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The Impact of Affiliation

March 21, 2018 6:30 am

By Beth Satre, MCU Membership Data Manager

Last week, we mailed our 2017 Impact Report along with an individualized “Snapshot” to each of our member credit unions. The report offers a comprehensive look at the social and economic value our organization provided last year to credit unions in Montana, while the snapshot details an individual credit union’s engagement with our services and staff.

The Impact in Montana
This is the first year that we’ve compiled the report, and the numbers are pretty impressive. They show what Montana’s credit unions can accomplish by pooling our resources and efforts and really document the benefit of League membership. So, what’s the bottom line?

In 2017 …

  • Credit unions in Montana were able to turn their $1 million affiliation dues into more than $3 million in overall value and savings through shared advocacy, compliance, public relations, education, value-add services, and asset-building outreach.
  • By acting as the conduit for essential services, Montana’s Credit Unions assisted our credit unions in generating over $30 million in financial benefit to the residents of Montana.

As I said, pretty impressive! That kind of impact reflects the power of cooperation and our credit union community.

Looking Forward
The 2017 Impact Report gives you an overview of the services and support that MCU offers. Take a look and, then, check to make sure that your credit union is making the most of their MCU membership.…

For starters, here are a few questions you can ask:

Do you have staff who receive our regular e-communications? Have you reached out to us for help in generating “earned media” for your credit union? Have you requested specialized onsite training for your board, your staff, or your credit union chapter? Do you take advantage of our professional development opportunities, and if you qualify, are you using your annual $1,000 in education scholarships? Are you using your Custom Performance Report to evaluate your credit union’s financials each quarter?

Take a close look at our report and encourage your fellow directors and credit union staff to get involved.

You Make it Possible
Here at MCU we continually strive to add value and advance the credit union movement. Since ours is a cooperative system of “people helping people,” we can’t do it alone. Your dues dollars AND your engagement make all of those efforts possible. Together we made quite an impact in 2017 and we can make an even greater impact in 2018!

Download an electronic copy of the 2017 Impact Report and if you would like additional copies, contact Karen Smith.

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