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Succession Planning: Special Challenges for Today’s Boards of Directors

March 9, 2022 7:30 am

By Donya Parrish, MCU VP- Risk Management

One of the benefits of this community is that we are able to bring you discussions on timely and relevant topics. On April 4 at 3:oo pm, we are hosting a free webinar for you with an industry expert on Succession Planning: Special Challenges for Today’s Boards of Directors. Jim Kasch of Canidae Consulting describes the session best below:

“In response to the consolidation trend in our industry, the NCUA now requires credit unions to establish and adhere to processes for succession planning. But succession planning isn’t just about complying with NCUA rules, it’s about the survival of your credit union. Today’s leaders are under unprecedented pressure to perform from competition, regulation, the economy, and the labor market. The lack of qualified, developed, next-generation leaders is accelerating consolidation in our industry.”

In this session, Jim will provide an overview of the situation, and will provide a helpful succession planning roadmap to ensure your credit union is best positioned to thrive in today’s volatile environment. Register at this link to plan to join us. We will also have a recording, but hope for a robust discussion with a live audience to enhance the session. Contact me if you want the recording sent to you after or if you have any questions.

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