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New Director’s Webinar Series

July 10, 2019 8:26 am

This summer, you can take advantage of learning with a new training product. Our partner, CU Webinar Network, has developed a series of six webinars designed just for boards of directors. The best part is — they made the modules 20-40 minutes long, so they are short enough to do one during a board meeting without much interruption to your meeting schedule. You can also plan to do them on your own time as an independent training to get up to speed on a particular topic.

The topics are timeless, necessary knowledge for all directors and include the following modules:

Board Essentials Modules

  • The Board’s Role with BSA
  • The Board’s Role with Cyber Security
  • The Board’s Role with Risk Management
  • Restrictions on Loans to Directors
  • Board Membership Basics
  • Director Liability

The modules are presented by two of their finest speakers:  Ann Brode-Harner and Elizabeth Fast, and follow-up contact information for the speakers is available if questions arise.  The full list of pre-recorded modules are available here and we encourage you to consider taking advantage of them!

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