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January 10, 2018 7:30 am

This new year is shaping up to be a particularly important year for credit union advocacy. A major bipartisan regulatory relief package, The Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act (S. 2155) , recently passed out of the Senate. Now headed to the House for a vote, the bill contains a number of credit union-specific provisions that promise meaningful regulatory relief. The success of this legislation is thanks, in large part, to a network of credit union advocates from the CUNA-League system who have voiced their support through a variety of channels.

MAP — A great resource for engagement
One of the most effective advocacy tools at our disposal is the Member Activation Program (MAP) which allows credit unions to email your members by providing “plug-and-play” content that is easily customizable to your credit union’s established voice/brand. Members are an extraordinary resource, most want to be engaged, in fact, research shows that members who receive advocacy outreach develop a much stronger bond to their credit union.

We have a growing number of credit unions registered for MAP, but our work is not done. In order to solidify our “advocacy army,” we need more credit unions registered as we work to usher S. 2155 through the House and prepare for a potential challenge to our tax status.

Why should my credit union register?

  • Advocacy continues to be our most important work as we fight burdensome regulation and defend our tax status.
  • Members are our most effective ambassadors for credit unions, uniquely able to communicate how policy changes would personally impact them.
  • MAP is designed to be flexible; your credit union decides if you want to reach out to members on each particular campaign. Equally important, your credit union is in complete control. CUNA does NOT have access to member contact information.
  • The program is free, it’s easy, and registering does not obligate your credit union to participate in upcoming campaigns.
  • Your members will appreciate it. Research shows that member who receive advocacy outreach have a stronger bond to their credit union; 82% say it makes them want to do more business with their institution.

As leaders at your credit union, I hope you will advocate for your credit union to register with MAP. Please reach out to me with any questions – I welcome the opportunity to discuss this exciting program with you.

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