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Eliminating Board Meeting Chaos

February 13, 2020 7:30 am

Have you ever come away from a meeting — whether it’s a credit union board meeting or not — and felt like it was a waste of time? Maybe attendees were disengaged or unprepared, or perhaps those at the table were going through the motions, but really just focused on what they were doing after the gathering. We have all been there! How do you turn the tide so the time spent is productive for all those involved?

I thought this article had good suggestions on ways to combat the chaos and move toward more effective meetings. It includes five specific tips, and the fourth — “Touch Base Frequently with New Directors” — has some especially helpful suggestions that any board can use to get new members up to speed and help them with both the relationships and institutional knowledge that longer-term directors may take for granted.

Give it a read. Even if the technology pieces don’t speak to you at this time, I bet you can find a tip or two that you can take to your own board meeting. After all, annual meeting season is here, and many of you may have a new face across the table soon. Wouldn’t you like to help them feel as welcome and ready as possible?

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