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Carefully Consider Your Nominations and Re-Nominations

April 6, 2022 7:30 am

As a follow-up to our discussion last week on the importance of your credit union bylaws for the annual meeting and election process, this blog by Kevin Smith of TEAM Resources touches on another part of the process — the nomination of board members. Give it a read and don’t forget that we have his colleague Tim Harrington joining us in Billings in May for our Power Up Conference. ~Donya

It’s more important these days for boards to give a critical eye to every director that is up for re-nomination. Too often this is treated as inevitable rather than a privilege to be earned. Too often boards don’t express candor to underperforming directors. Creating a checklist of expectations establishes transparency that pushes towards higher performance.

by Kevin Smith

Continue reading his blog, Carefully Consider Your Nominations and Re-Nominations, here.

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