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Are You a Tech-Savvy Board?

June 19, 2019 7:30 am

As we continue to progress in this ‘age of technology’ and credit unions provides additional services to members through online portals or the convenient methods they prefer, another group is also using technology — credit union boards of directors!

Whether it is to save paper, improve the ability to share resources and materials without being at the mercy of USPS timelines, or include board members who may be traveling or in remote communities, using technology for traditional board packets offers some great advantages. The security of the information boards receive is another factor that lends itself well to technology.

The recent Credit Union Magazine article Tech-Savvy Boards by Jennifer Plager, senior editor at Credit Union National Association, might offer just the discussion your credit union needs to either move forward with a change or reaffirm that your move to technology was the right one.

If you want to discuss the products others are using for board packets, let me know. There are several in use across our state, and I can put you in touch with users for more information. Or, if you want to provide a testimonial about your process, I am happy to include that in a future blog as well!


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