COVID-19 Information & Resources

As Montana credit unions continue to face the impacts of COVID-19, our MCU team is  working to help you inform your staff, your members, and to provide the information, resources, and education you need. You can find a number of resources on the pages below that are updated regularly, so check back often.


COVID-19 Updates:  This page provides the links and information that helps you be prepared, take precautions, and respond to state and federal directives and changes and directives in your local communities. Here you’ll find the latest on business continuity, employer information, lender resources, and regulator communications along with other resources.

Share Your Story: To truly highlight the difference that credit unions are making, we need stories of how you were able to help during these tough times. We’ve set up a form to make it easy to share — we’ll use them for advocacy efforts and to simply raise awareness of the #CUDifference.

COVID-19 CollateralWe received requests to develop a few downloadable resources for our credit unions to use as they close or limit access to their lobbies and go to alternate scheduling for staff.

COVID-19 Communiqués: In mid-March 2020, MCU started publishing two eNewsletters a week to share Coronavirus-related developments, news, and resources. This page has links to all the issues of the Tuesday COVID-19 News and Friday President’s Report.

Free Educational Resources: We’ve set up this page to collect the free videos, webinars, trainings, and access to on-line resources that we think are well-done, interesting, and of value for credit union audience.

If you have questions or a resource that you could use, please reach out to our MCU team.