Bases Covered Auditing

Bases Covered Auditing (BCA) is an audit firm that specializes in credit union compliance located in Sioux Falls, SD. Their team is knowledgeable and are experts in Internal Audit, Compliance, and Risk Management. In additional to a wide array of audits, BCA also offers the following services.

  • Quarterly newsletter about regulation changes and what the credit union should do to stay in compliance.
  • Unlimited questions and research. We prioritize education and do not charge for providing resources or answering questions.
  • Training for staff, supervisory committee, and board of directors. We will provide training on any area the credit union desires, including annual required BSA training.
  • Creating an annual risk assessment and corresponding audit plan with credit union management and/or supervisory committees.


  • Sarah Schoon, President/CEO, call 605.937.5633 or email.