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The Impact of Supporting Local Business During COVID-19

May 27, 2020 11:47 am

In lean and uncertain times, it is important to become selective and more targeted on where and what you spend your money on. These days, the COVID-19 crisis is making it hard for many businesses to stay afloat. If they go under, it will have a wide-reaching impact on their local communities. Showing support for your local businesses will not only help them weather this crisis, you’ll also be helping your community.

If you aren’t sold on the “Shop Local” movement just yet, read on to see how this practice can make a difference within your community.


Keeping the local economy alive

Local businesses keep your community economy alive in more ways than one. For each dollar you spend at an independent business, your local economy is given 3 times more money back than if you were to spend at a chain store. Not only that, but these small businesses are providing jobs for your community members and frequently partner with other local businesses such as credit unions, service providers, and farms. Spending money at one business is undoubtedly helping others in its reach.


Supporting your neighbors

Remember your neighbor across the street who donates every year to your charity for the homeless and the neighbor who buys five boxes of Girl Scout cookies when they go on sale? Local businesses are owned and operated by those same neighbors! They care about and are as invested in the well-being of your community and its future as you are. When you know the people behind the business, you feel more connected to the successes or challenges the business faces during tough times. It’s now your time to shine and be the neighbor they were to you.


Community character & connection

Each place a person visits has its own unique quirks and character. These charming differences are what drive people’s decisions on where they choose to call home. You find your favorite spots and begin to build connections with those who frequent the same spots. For that reason, there is a strong sense of community tied to your locally-owned businesses n. Without these special places, your neighborhood would lose its individuality and appeal.


Ways you can support local

  • Order curbside or delivery from your favorite restaurant
  • Pay your hairstylist, esthetician, barber, etc. in advance for your next service
  • Buy gift cards from your favorite stores, services, and restaurants
  • Volunteer at local community support programs
  • Leave positive reviews via Google, social media and website
  • Shop online


So, when deciding where to eat dinner, grab coffee, or pick up your next pair of shoes, consider these benefits and skip the more frequented chains to support locally-owned businesses within your community!



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