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She’s a CUCE!

June 1, 2021 2:59 pm

Valley Credit Union’s Tanna Stefanic recently completed the necessary studies and testing to become a Credit Union Compliance Expert — a CUCE! CUNA’s program allows designees leading their credit union through the industry’s most challenging compliance issues to:

  •    Understand the regulations and their implications
  •    Stay up-to-date with the latest compliance regulations
  •    Gain confidence to tackle compliance issues
  •    Connect with the world of compliance to learn about resources
  •    Keep the credit union compliant
  •    Get recognized as experts in their field

According to Valley CU’s Chief Risk Officer Cindy Roesler, Tanna “provides support to several areas of the credit union and is a go-to person here at Valley. She is dedicated and I can count on her to get things completed quickly and accurately. The CUCE designation provides additional confidence as well as one more step in her growth and success in her career.”

Tanna joined the Valley CU team seven years ago and moved into the Compliance Officer role in early 2020. The certification required self-study in this year of virtual learning and completion of a test for each of the modules. We are proud of you for your perseverance in obtaining the CUCE, Tanna!

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