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New Year’s Resolutions (You’re Probably Doing Anyway)

January 6, 2022 4:40 pm

Honestly, the fact that we made it through 2020 feels like enough of an achievement. But because it’s the New Year, we are contractually obligated to talk about some resolutions you could make. (Not really, we just like having goals.) So here are some things you might already be doing that you can definitely turn into New Year’s Resolutions.


Workout at home

You may have switched to working out at home during the height of the pandemic. Pat yourself on the back! Both because you both kept yourself safe and saved some money. Keep it up for 2021 and throw what you’d spend on a gym membership into your savings account.

If you need some inspiration, here’s a mega-roundup of home workouts, some that require a little equipment (like dumbbells) and some that don’t. January is also a great time to try one of Yoga With Adriene’s 30-day challenges.


Pack your lunch

Lunch can be a real hit-or-miss affair when you’re working from home. You know, suddenly it’s 2:30 and all you’ve had is a handful of pretzels and a single dino nugget leftover from your kiddo.

You don’t have to go overboard with meal planning and prep (although you can, we’re not judging!), but be sure to include some dedicated lunch items for yourself in the grocery shopping. It can also help to “pack” your lunch the night before, just like we did in the Before Times when we all went to the office.

The point is, take care of yourself, eat something good, and figure it all out ahead of time (bonus: you’ll be saving money and be less hangry). Need some inspiration? Check out What Lisa Cooks for literally years of packed lunch inspo.


Take it outside

While the novelty of patio dining has probably worn off, we’re not mad at all the outdoor time 2020 gave us. People explored parks, they got to know their neighborhood better, they picked up roller skating or hiking or running.

Keep that outside vibe going as we head into spring this year. Sweep off your patio, sew a picnic blanket, or make plans to meet friends at the park. Spending time in nature is free and it helps your brain take a little break from figuring everything out.


Get creative

We had to figure out a lot in 2020, pretty quickly. Need a backdrop for a video call? Throw a sheet over the door and turn on a bedroom lamp for some nice lighting. Look at you, you’re a decorator now!

As we go back to “normal,” don’t lose that creativity. Are you sick and tired of the same couch pillows? Is it time for new art on the walls? Try some different décor, rearrange the furniture, and make your place feel fresh without blowing your budget. Bonus points if you DIY some solutions—you’ll be saving money. (There’s a ton of instructions and inspiration out there, too.)


Slow down

Was it just us or was the slower pace of 2020 actually nice at times? No, we don’t want to repeat any part of last year, but we might want to try to bring a little of that “stay home” energy to 2021.

Take a look at the activities and events you want to start up again and do a gut check. Do you really want to go from school to soccer practice and to a piano lesson, all on a Tuesday? If the answer is a resounding “YES!” then great! If everyone is a little ambivalent, have a conversation about it. Downtime can be really rejuvenating for both adults and kids. It’s OK to do less.


Check in with loved ones

Yes, we are all thoroughly sick of Zoom. Your resolution may be to NEVER use Zoom again (we support this). But don’t forget to keep checking in on people you care about. A phone call is actually a really nice way to catch up, and if you have a hands-free headset you can do things around the house while you talk (like pack your lunch!). Email, text, send a card, whatever works for you—but still check in on your family and friends. And count down the days until you can hug them again.


We’re all happy to greet 2021 and hope it’s the start of something much better. 2020 wasn’t a bed of roses, but it did teach us a few helpful things. Keep them up for your New Year’s Resolutions.



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