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Montana’s Credit Unions Introduces Personify Leadership Training for Credit Union Leaders

February 22, 2024 6:34 am

February 22, 2024 — Montana’s Credit Unions (MCU) is partnering with the award-winning Personify Leadership® program to present a credit union-specific model for training leaders – and up-and-coming leaders. Personify Leadership® is a fun, experiential, two-day program focusing on the eight core body-focused competencies of a leader: heart, mind, ears, voice, hands, feet, spine, and eyes. This leadership program combines research-based, practical content with experiential activities to help build on the strengths of your existing and emerging leaders and develop qualities they may not know they have.

 “Leadership is not reserved for an elite few. It is something that we all have within us. You don’t learn to be something you already are – you learn to access the talent you already have,” said Michelle Cummings, Founder, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer with Personify Leadership®

Now, credit unions can benefit from this program in a unique, credit union-specific model facilitated by MCU. Gerry Singleton, President/CEO of MCU and certified trainer for Personify said of his experience in the program, “When I first went through the Personify Leadership program over a decade ago, I was able to immediately put the skills and tools into action, and I continue to use them daily. I have seen firsthand how this award-winning, cutting-edge leadership program has made a difference in credit unions and other organizations around the world. I am excited that Montana’s Credit Unions is bringing Personify Leadership® to the credit union movement. Together, we will make a difference with our employees, members, and communities one leader at a time.”

Learn more and book a session for your leaders.

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Montana’s Credit Unions is the statewide trade association working to ensure the success, growth, and vitality of Montana credit unions. As not-for-profit financial institutions, credit unions give back to the communities they serve as part of the credit union philosophy.

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