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Credit Union Auditors

February 3, 2022 11:54 am

There are a variety of individuals and organizations providing audit services in Montana. Some offer a full suite of audits to choose from and other specialize in particular areas. There are also some providing remote options and other with options of in-person or a hybrid of remote and in-person. When you are looking, be sure to find the one that fits best for your credit union.

Below are some that we know are serving Montana credit unions. Please note that providing their information is not our endorsement or guarantee of their services. It is up to you to do appropriate due diligence for the engagement.

  • Douglas Wilson and Company, PC is an LSG business partner and can be reached at 406-761-4645
  • Becky Frederick is a Compliance and Audit Consultant with the Minnesota Credit Union Network; she can be reached at 651-288-5509
  • Bases Covered Auditing is a CUSO out of South Dakota to contact at 605-937-5633
  • Ferrin & Company, LLC is a CPA firm with credit union services that can be reached at 801-840-2220
  • Pinion (formerly known as Anderson Zurmuehlen) can be reached at 406-442-1040

There are other large and regional firms providing this service in the state too.  When researching, don’t hesitate to contact your peers for reviews and recommendations. The Montana Credit Union Directory is a useful tool if you need email or phone numbers for other Montana credit unions.

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