Strategic Resource Management (SRM)

Strategic Resource Management

At Strategic Resource Management (SRM), our international team of tenured, industry experts offers a variety of benchmarks and best practices in evaluating vendor relationships, through a non-disruptive process, designed to meet the demanding cost savings and service improvement goals of your organization. As an independent consultant, we offer a fresh and innovative perspective on your vendor road map, drawing off of 28+ years of accumulated benchmark data and proprietary information, to help guide our clients to make the best decisions for their institutions and experience for their customers. SRM specializes in identifying opportunities for cost savings, bottom line profitability and process efficiencies.

SRM has helped more than 1,050 organizations gain $2.4 billion in value in critical vendor areas. With decades of experience paired with current market data, SRM has lowered costs, enhanced revenues and increased productivity – guiding our clients to survive and thrive in an environment of accelerating change.


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