Fraud Resource Center

Fraud of all types continues to plague credit unions and their members. It’s important to stay informed, prepared, and protected. The resources below are intended to help detect and prevent fraud at your credit union, as well as to assist you and your employees in reporting it when it occurs. If you have something occurring, let us know so we can communicate with other credit unions.

*Tax season is here, so be aware of Tax Scams in the New Year and consider sharing this informative IRS video on your social media pages.

*HELOCs are being Targeted with a New Twist.

*Protection tips when using Mobile Payment apps.

*The FTC Consumer website includes their video page and scam alerts page.

Donya Parrish VP-Risk Management

800-745-5546, ext. 122

Direct: 406-324-7374

NCUA Fraud line 800-827-9650