Connecting The Dots Curriculum


There are four separate workshops in our Connecting the Dots curriculum for credit union employees.

People Helping People… The Credit Union Way.

This is a must workshop for every credit union employee to understand the CU Difference and connect to your credit union’s mission and vision for job satisfaction, passion, and pride in member service.

  • CTD 101: Credit Union History and Philosophy
  • CTD: 102: Cooperative Model
  • CTD 103: Values, Empathy and your “Credit Union Why”
  • CTD 104: Generations, Stereotypes, and your Community

Powerhouse Professional

This workshop teaches soft skills to create a professional workplace for all. Your staff will leave equipped with an arsenal of professional tools, behaviors, and skills to make your credit union a powerhouse.

  • CTD 201 The ABC’s of Professional Behavior (Appearance/ Behavior/Communication)
  • CTD 202: Smart Goals
  • CTD 203: Time Management
  • CTD 204: The Power of Habit

Effective Communication

This workshop focuses on empathy, feedback, listening to member’s needs, and offering products and services to members. Your teams will leave this class able to communicate more effectively with each other, more comfortable handling an unhappy member, and better able to offer your products and services through meaningful connections and conversations.

  • CTD 201: 16 Personalities (empathy)
  • CTD 202: Values-Based Feedback
  • CTD 203: Managing Difficult Conversations (with Members, Co-Workers, and Teams)
  • CTD 204: Conversations that Meet our Members’ Needs

Blazing Trails

This class is for credit union professionals who are blazing a trail to team leadership. Lead your credit union towards the future by recognizing and developing your future leaders’ skills.

  • CTD 301: Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • CTD 302: Effective Culture with CU Mission and Vision
  • CTD 303: Situational Leadership
  • CTD 304: Building Teams Using Transparency and Radical Candor
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