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Take Time to Reflect and Celebrate on ICU Day!

by Alana Listoe, MCUN

Weeks, even months, often go by and (like all good Montana neighbors), staff, volunteers, and members of credit unions go about their lives, duties, and service without reflecting on the global movement of financial cooperativeness they are a part of.

That’s why, in 1948, the World Council of Credit Unions designated the third Thursday of every October “International Credit Union Day.” 

The day is set aside to reflect upon the history of the credit union movement and to promote our achievements. It’s a day to remember how the entire credit union system is intertwined and founded on seven cooperative principles. Today those vows to the community still carry the heart-felt commitment of all involved.

Currently, Montana has 55 credit unions with 1,230 employees and 386,000 members (a bit impressive since it’s more than one-third of the state’s entire population). Additionally, 1,230 people work at credit unions and 560 members volunteer to serve on their credit unions' board of directors. These folks are in a “family” of folks related to more than 208 million members in 103 countries dedicated to improving the economic well-being of all.

Helping a family in Westby finance their farm, a small mercantile start up in Rwanda, or a young adult buy their first car might appear different, but underneath they’re the same — it’s about doing what’s right, taking a risk, and caring for each other.

There are many of us, including Tracie Kenyon, president and CEO of the Montana Credit Union Network, who love those sentiments. She hopes credit unions across the state seize ICU Day as an opportunity to celebrate, reflect on what’s been accomplished, and plan for the future. 

“Through WOCCU and CUNA we coalesce around a theme and encourage credit unions to adopt it in their promotion of ICU Day,” she said. “Cooperation spans cultural differences, time zones, and language barriers, —'people helping people'— is universal.”

It’s about helping others to improve and none of that could happen with those of you who are willing to go the extra mile and serve as directors. It’s not physically demanding or necessarily time-consuming but credit unions depend on you as unpaid volunteers and your ability to hold a democratic vote to set us apart from other financial institutions.

“Volunteers provide a certain purity to the credit union movement,” said Kenyon. ”Without remuneration, credit union volunteers are able to focus on decisions that provide benefit to all members.”

International Credit Union Day’s theme this year is “Local Service. Global Good,” which emphasizes credit unions’ positive impact in their communities and around the world. Let’s celebrate the cooperative drive on Oct. 16 to each of the volunteers that serve to help make communities better places for us all -- thank you!

Alana Listoe is the Director of PR & Advocacy at the Montana Credit Union Network. She would welcome any questions or comments on this material. You can email Alana or call her at 800-745-5546, ext. 131.


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