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Affiliation and Engagement

by Donya Parrish, MCUN

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet with my peers from other state credit union associations and discuss our member credit unions. The meeting was titled “League Affiliation” and we were there to discuss three things—acquisition of members, engagement of members, and communicating the membership value. The discussion was much broader than just getting a dues check in the door. I walked away, as always, having learned new things and brought home ideas to help our member credit union use their league membership to its fullest.

We all have the challenge of communicating our services to all the audiences of a credit union, especially the boards of directors. Often we rely on the CEO of the credit union to pass along what we feel is important, without taking into consideration how many things are important to them that are outside of the association. Having a tool like this blog to reach credit union volunteers like you directly was one of our goals in starting it.

People often ask how Montana manages to have 100% affiliation. Part of our success is realizing that not every credit union will be involved with everything we offer. We continually look at changing and offering more as our credit unions grow and change to meet their own membership needs. Recognizing that individual credit unions have their own areas of passion, whether it be in the political arena, the philanthropic, or philosophical, and supporting them there, is a valuable way to build a relationship.

Much of our ability to provide so much to our credit unions also results from strong ties with our national association, CUNA. They work tirelessly on your behalf every day. A couple of the resources listed below really articulate how closely we here in Montana work together with CUNA staff on advocacy, and I hope you’ll take the opportunity to go through them. They also welcomed a new CEO this week, and Jim Nussle is eager to connect. His welcome video does a nice job of introducing him from Washington D.C.

At the end of the day, we don’t ever want to take our relationship with our credit unions for granted. You are important to us and we find a stronger industry when everyone is working together to better consumer’s financial lives. The Montana League is blessed with engaged credit unions and full affiliation, but we don’t plan to stop working to be better, more visible, and meeting your needs. Thank you for all you do, and for belonging to MCUN.

Donya Parrish is the VP-Dues Supported Services for the Montana Credit Union Network. She would welcome any questions or comments on this material. You can email Donya or call her at 800-745-5546, ext. 122.


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