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Below will be the links to the news items that we recently posted on our home page. Also below are links to recent press releases we have sent out or received.

September 2014 Items

Click on the links below to access articles from past months (starting with August 2013). 

  • New CU Development Educators: 44 credit union professionals -- including MCUN's Carin McClain complete program. More► 
  • CUNA in the Trenches: Our national trade association has been working hard on data security. More►
  • A Direct Line: A look at why credit union affiliation and engagement is so important. More►Jim Nussle Says "Hi": CUNA's new president/CEO introduces himself and his priorities. More► 
  • Don't Waste Money ... Save: The Blog reminds folks to use their gift cards and reports on the buzz around prize savings accounts.
  • A Direct Line: A look at why credit union affiliation and engagement is so important. More►
  • Nussle On the Job: September 22 is Jim Nussle's official "first day" as CUNA president/CEO. More► 
  • Home Depot Confirms 56M Cards Compromised : News Now reports on what does it means for consumers and credit unions.
  • Blog: Five tips to protect your identity when it comes to online banking. More►
  • McWatters and Risk-Based Capital: NCUA's newest board member will not vote on any RBC proposal if it doesn't include a second comment period. More► 
  • Home Depot Hack Could Tally $3 Billion: reports the recent hack could lead to $3 billion in fake charges. And, that doesn't include the costs to credit unions. 
  • Student Loans in Perpetuity: The National Journal reports that student debt grew across every age group -- including borrowers over 60
  • Senate Banking Hears from Credit Unions: Senators (and credit union representatives) expressed their concerns with over-regulation. More► 
  • Worker-Owned Cooperatives: The worker cooperative movement has hit a new stride. More► 
  • A Direct Line: Read this week's blog to find out more about Concentration Risk.
  • CUNA Names Nussle CEO: Jim Nussle, a former congressman and chair of the House Budget Committee was announced as CUNA president/CEO. More► 
  • NCUA and AARP Team Up: The National Credit Union Administration announced a new alliance in the effort to increase the financial literacy of the American public. More► 
  • Starting the School Year Right: Credit unions offer youth a financial education. More►
  • The Economy is Looking Up: CUNA economist gives the "rosiest" forecast in 7 years. More►
  • In A Direct Line: Using a consent agenda can help streamline board meetings. More►    


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