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Credit Unions for Kids

Last year, Montana credit unions launched their first ever coordinated campaign to raise funds for Shodair Children's Hospital, and staff from credit unions across the state embraced the cause and raised over $31,000 in a few short months.

We hope to continue that momentum this year. To that end, MCUN and the Montana Credit Unions for Kids Committee is urging credit unions to get involved in three, easy-to-participate statewide events that promise to be a lot of fun.


dates to remember

Participation is voluntary, and individual credit unions can choose to hold their own activities instead of (or in addition to) these.

Other ideas

In fact, credit unions came up with loads of great ideas in 2013 to raise money and awareness for Shodair in ways that fit their communities. One of the most successful turned out to be icon sales -- particularly when it came to football rivalry. Some credit unions used Cat-Griz, some used their hometown high schools, and others focused on a holiday icons. Miracle Jeans Day was the biggest money generator last year and many credit unions put their own twist on it making it last for a week, or every Friday for an entire month.

This year, the creativity is already flowing. For example, Trico FCU worked with CO-OP to created CU4Kids debit card and will donate 1¢ to Shodair every time their members swipe their debit cards to make a purchase.

If you've got a great fundraising idea or event you're planning, let Alana know (email or call 406-324-7465) so she can help you spread the word.  

Montana's 2014 Champion

Jason, Montana's 2014 CMNH Champion, was born with PKU. This rare metabolic disorder can cause irreversible brain damage if not immediately discovered and treated. Luckily a newborn screening revealed the disorder, and Jason got immediate treatment at Shodair Children's Hospital. Today, with the help of a carefully monitored diet and medication, Jason is playing soccer, earning good grades, and enjoying life as a pre-"tween." Find out more about Jason here.


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