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Credit Unions in the News

Montana's credit unions are doing great things. Below is news about some of the ways they've been making a difference in communities across the state.


Press Releases

Wondering what's going on the the credit union system. Here are some of the press releases we've sent and received.

  • Governor's Letter Recognizing Cooperatives 2014
  • Breaking the Debt Cycle

    October 2014 – Having credit available affords us the opportunity to get what we need (or want) now and pay for it later, but it can become a trap. If debt is not managed properly, it can snowball quickly, especially if balances aren’t paid off every month.

  • Being Financially Fit Starts with Education

    April 14, 2014 -- Parents today are regularly encouraged to talk to their children about substance abuse, sex, and bullying. And, while those topics are important to everyone's overall well-being, there should be one more topic on that list: money.

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